A new series is in progress

Arte Presepiale

This exhibition is now available. It was created following several reports made in Naples between 2017 and 2019. It was made possible thanks to the warm welcome I received from Capudano, Cesarini, d'Auria, Di Virgilo, Ferrigno, Gambardella, Giordano, Lebro, Molli, Pacone, Pinfildi...
The exhibition consists of 40 prints 40 x 60 cm on Fine Art paper, mounted on rigid supports (Dibond)
The rental fee for the whole exhibition for a period of 1 month is 950,00 €.
The number of photos exhibited can be adjusted according to the nature of the location.
But the minimum number of photos will be 10 and the duration from 3 days to one week at the rate of 400,00 €.
For all contacts:
Pierre Olingue 06 79 92 46 29.
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